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Patrick Newell  recently published his latest book “Strategies for keeping Japan #1” though Kobunsha in November 2019.  Patrick interviewed over 150 people whom are Japanese or have a strong connection with Japan to research how they see Japan in 2030.  Japan is #1 in many areas beyond economics the latest technology and can be a role model for the rest of the world in some areas.

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Article: Why are there so unconfident Japanese people? (Patrick Newell)

“Confidence is key” said Newell… I asked myself what he meant. 

Satoshi Ebitani

Chief Editor, Linkedn

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21 Foundation

We are the catalyst for connecting the unconnected for you personally, professionally and throughout your organizations.

We also offer a variety of services that move people and organizations forward through our 1 + 1 = 11 framework which includes an assessment of how you and your organization are thriving or can thrive though our sensorial lens.

How we share our frameworks and processes range from keynote presentations to fun workshops to in-depth prototyping across cultures.

Do you know where your company is going?

In 2017, we hosted Singularity University Japan Summit which is the first Summit event held in Japan. 

Also, together with Singularity University, 21 Foundation piloted a one year membership program to shift the mindset of 10 major Japanese companies in different industries through utilizing exponential technology.   

We continue to offer programs to individual companies in collaboration with Singularity University on a case by case basis. As an authorized re-seller we co-design programs with major corporations in Japan together to maximize the potential outcomes. 

21 Foundation

The founder of 21 Foundation is also the co-founder of TEDxTokyo.  Ever since its launch in 2008, its goal has been to bring people together to share ideas by setting up events outside of the USA such as TEDxYouth and TEDxTeachers. TEDxTokyo is now hosted within 21 Foundation

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About Patrick

Patrick Newell is a Catalyst, Organization Transformation Vision Navigator, and Learning Future Moderator who connects people, companies and organizations with their potential future. He has created learning models, processes and frameworks to shift the mindset and actions of  people of all ages. Patrick’s focus is to align people/nature with technology to reach the highest level of creative collective intelligence.

Patrick has a published a variety of books which can be purchased below

Author: Patrick Newell. Publisher: Shogakukan (2015)

My knowledge and passion for lifelong learning has motivated me to write this book to share with parents the principles and practices of 21st Century learning, and provide practical advice on how to best support, equip and enable children for future success. Mindfully, you can navigate your children on a learning journey that equips them for an unknown future.

Author: Patrick Newell

Publisher: Asahi Shimbun Publications (2014)

To inspire readers to find their ideas worth spreading, become part of the TED community and to be inspired to go further than they imagined.


21 Foundation has been aligning 21st Century future visions with actualizing many different projects for the past 8 years. It focuses on the future for all ages to reach high levels of Creative Collective Intelligence.

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